Frank Tortorella (Toni Tortorella/Maine South Softball/Bartlett Silverhawks/Softball): I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation in support of Bryce Biel. Bryce served as a strength and conditioning coach for my daughter, Toni. Bryce is conscientious and caring with students, and possesses the attributes desired in a teacher. He regularly exhibits a positive and professional attitude, and his rapport is genuine. Bryce was to train Toni as a student-athlete to perform to her optimal level. He came in and did exactly that. His training techniques increased and enhanced Toni's strength. stamina, flexibility, and overall power. I must say I was impressed with Bryce's training methods and how they translated to my daughter. My personal observation of Bryce is that he was observant of Toni's strengths and weaknesses; and built a training program specific to her needs. I feel privileged to have observed Bryce's dedication to Toni.

Chris Sawicki (STC North Baseball): For the last two years, I have been training with you working to get faster, more flexible, and most importantly, stronger. As a baseball player at St. Charles North High School, the competition for spots is incredibly high, and because of what I have learned from you, and the ways you have pushed me, I am looking forward to having an extremely successful senior season. I have been to countless different speed, strength, and workout facilities around the area. None of them stack up to Legacy Performance. The difference is that it is not just about money working at Legacy. The connections he makes with his athletes is incredible. He will go out of his way to draw up meals plans or other workout plans to continue to make yourself better outside of his gym. He truly wants to see all of his athletes succeed and reach their high potential. However, the thing that I like the most about working out with Bryce, is simply the workouts themselves. Every time I come in, the workouts change to target specific parts of your body to help you become even better. These are not basic workouts you can find online, either. He manipulates them by changing directions, angles, or just about anything to get the most out of the lift. This winter, my friend and I have brought in a few other players from my school to workout with us. Both of which have immediately recognized the difference of workout with Legacy, and the benefits he has to offer. It is obvious how much I have improved as an athlete. Just over the past six months, all of my main lifts have gone up anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds and counting. I have also gained about 15 pounds and improved the velocity on my fastball. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me as I continue my athletic career into college. He has always looked out for me no matter the situation inside, or outside of the gym. I would recommend Bryce Biel and Legacy Performance to anybody.

Matt Mahay (Owner/Head Trainer PlayBall USA/Illinois Indians Travel Baseball Head Coach): In the short time Bryce has worked with our athletes, he has produced measurable and impactful results. His approach to training and detail-oriented mentality speaks volumes about his professionalism and the results speak for themselves. He related well with multiple age levels in a way that they not only grasped the information, but made immediate adjustments and improvements. We saw gains in throwing velocity, home to first base speed, and ball exit speed. There is not doubt that Bryce played a large role in the physical side of that. Simply said, he is good at what he does.

Maribeth Candre (Maddie Candre/STC East Softball/Bartlett Silverhawks Softball): Bryce Biel is a great coach and trainer, but beyond that, he is a great person, mentor, and motivator. He has a high moral compass; he is educated in his field and has the student-athletes best interest at heart. There are many people that do what he does, but there are not many doing it with the class and passion that he does. Bryce is a superior coach that will sky rocket your performance.

Al Johnson (Hall of Fame Strength Coach/East Tennessee State Univ Head Strength Coach): I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any athlete that wants to take their game and training to the next level to train with Bryce Biel. Bryce worked for me at Northwestern Univ with our football team and did a great job with our athletes. The things I liked about Bryce was that he was very knowledgeable, very motivated and our football players respected his passion for sports performance.

McKenna Schimmel (Geneva 2015/Lafayette Univ Softball): Working with Bryce at Legacy Performance has taken my athletics to new heights. With each session, my strength, speed, knowledge, and confidence improves tremendously. I couldn't imagine training anywhere else. Bryce's investment in my training has given me everything I need to succeed as I move onto the division one level!

Ron Tyner (Offensive Line Coach Bryant University): While Bryce was with us at Elmhurst he helped me develop one of the top offensive lines and rushing offenses in the country. He was an integral part of our development as a unit. Bryce came to work each day eager and ready to learn and improve. He is an organized, punctual, hard working, and self-motivated young man. His passion is trying to better the lives of others. He has a tireless work ethic and has shown to be a humble person. 

Coach Thijs Dennison (Coach STC North Softball/Head Coach Bartlett Silver Hawks Softball): Over the last two years Bryce has been training our organization (Bartlett Silverhawks) and I have seen an increase in athleticism, strength, flexibility, and in their mental game. We have seen as an organization on how crucial training (Strength/Speed) is once athletes go onto their college setting and Bryce has not only prepared the girls for that level but has taken them past it. I would not hesitate to recommend any athlete to Bryce or Legacy Performance.  I have started to train with Bryce and he has come up with a customized plan to help me reach my personal goals.  He pushes my athletes and myself to be my best everyday! #LL4L